Our Maasai Family

Hi I’m Paula Hynes, a dairy farmer for county Cork. I’m married to Pete & we have 3 amazing daughters Chloe, Becky & Georgina.

The Hardest Harvest is a documentary that we started working on in June 2017. I lived with a Massai community in Maparasha for 2 & 1/2 weeks in November 2017 , an experience I will never forget. An amazing community who struggle for survival in one of the harshest climates known to man. It’s hard to explain the bond I have made with this community but I plan to explain this in more detail through the weekly blog .

The reason myself & Pete have decided to set up this website is due to the amazing response to my journey aired in The Hardest Harvest. We have been inundated with offers of support to help the community in Maparasha.

We plan to run a weekly blog with updates on the Maasai community & in turn help you to get to know them better. We aim to return to Maparasha , Kenya later in 2018 & do more work with the community, help them improve their lives . We plan to document our visit by recording more amazing footage & show the improvements that have been made