About #TeamHynes

Zurich Ireland Dairy Farmers of the Year 2017, Peter and Paula Hynes are huge advocates for family farming and with their #TeamHynes being testament to this.

If you ask Peter and Paula about their motivation and their hopes for the future, you won’t hear about grand plans to expand their herd or make their farm more profitable. What you will hear about is the desire to create a sustainable future for their girls and a desire to bring them up to respect and love each other, the animals they work with and the land they live and work on.

At the core of #TeamHynes is a need to try and help others and  make the world a better place. The family regularly make time to fundraise for worthy charities  and have raised almost €20,000 to date for Breast Cancer Ireland, Aware and Embrace Farm.

Those who know Paula and Peter, commend their kind natures, hard work ethic and their dedication to their farm and family. Since November 2017, the Hynes family have an extended family, almost 10,000 km away – their Maasai Family.

During the filming of The Hardest Harvest, Paula made a huge connection with the Maasai Community and has since became an advocate for the community.

Having lived and worked along side the Maasai Community for 2 and 1/2 weeks, Paula got a harrawing insight into their tough lives that hang delicatly in the balance between drought, flooding, life and death.

Over the coming months and indeed years, #TeamHynes plan to deliver some game changing projects to help make life easier and more sustainable for their Maasai Family and the community that touched their hearts.

This work has already begun with #TeamHynes having begun an education programme for their Maasai Family.