Week 2 blog, update on Maparasha

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Welcome to our weekly blog. Busy day ahead today as we head to TV3 for the Six O Clock show to chat about The Hardest Harvest.

The community in Maparasha has a total of 187 people, large community dealing with tough conditions . This is made up of 67 women, 31 men & 79 children. 37 of the children are in school. 25 of which are going to primary school. 10 are in secondary school & 2 have just completed secondary school & hope to go onto college. William has started his computer course this week , he says he is really enjoying it & he hopes to go to University in the future along with his brother Andrew . The interesting thing is that primary school education is free in Kenya . The only cost involved to myself & Pete sending Moipei children to school was purchasing uniforms & paying the school for paper , pens etc , it only costs €50 approx. to send a child to school every year in Kenya, small cost in comparison to Ireland & at least facilities are improving in the schools with toilets & running water being added the whole time. Children are also taught to grow market vegetables in some schools. Education certainly is a great way to give them a better chance at a better future.

In the documentary I chatted in depth with William about the livestock , how large the herd had been & the effects of the drought. The herd had originally comprised of 96 cattle. This week due to further losses since I was there in November they now have 18 cows, certainly a dramatic reduction & a very small herd for such a large community to live of. They also have 40 goats & 17 sheep. Before I left Kenya I purchased 6 goats ( shoats ) for Moipei so as she would have her own piece of the herd & thankfully I got great news this week as 1 of them gave birth so her herd is increasing. As you can see from the video above it’s always great to see new life but this must be protected too in such a hostile environment & I’m told there is a lot of Hyennas about near community at the moment & they have to go hunting again at the weekend . Sad in some ways but a reality of life in Maparasha .Thankfully the flooding has eased slightly & conditions are more pleasant there this week with a small about of rain & temperatures are good .

Hopefully you will get a chance to see TV3 @ 6pm this evening . I will be bringing my Maasai knife & there’s a good little story attached to it. Thanks for reading & hopefully you will check in with us next week .

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